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Click Hook Set

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The addiClick Hook set is intended as an upgrade or "booster pack" to the existing Click sets. Each travel pouch contains 8 Addi hooks: 3.5mm (US E4), 3.75mm (US F5), 4.0mm (US G6), 4.5mm (US 7), 5.0mm (US H8), 6.0mm (US J10), 8.0mm (US L11), 9.0mm (US M13).  The case is 4″ W x 7″ L x 1″ H when closed.  Addi Crochet Clicks have soft, pliable cords and addi's lifetime guarantee!  With the optional addiClick cords, SOS cords and addi Heartstoppers, the Hook Set is also suitable for Tunisian crocheting and knooking.

The click connector system is the same and absolutely compatible with the original Turbo™ system! So you can happily swap cables and connectors between your sets!

 when closed 8 addi Crochet Click tips. 

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